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superden • almost 2 years ago
Once again our view of the girl's orgasm is ruined by the awful, messy camerawork. Please, as the girl approaches and reaches her orgasm, just give us a nice, full-body overview shot and HOLD IT THERE so we can enjoy the sight of the whole girl as she brings herself to her climax! This zooming in on pointless close-ups, panning the camera across the girl's body etc is really annoying and frustrating and, for me, totally destroys the flow and eroticism of her orgasm.
gilgamesh449 • almost 3 years ago
Yum. Gimme gimme gimme. Five stars. And the production is good, too.
shankar50may • about 3 years ago
Beautiful sexy video with natural surrounding.बवुतअच्छे विडियो.
renegade1 • about 3 years ago
God she has a great ass, and I just love how the jean shorts flaunt it and help show off her toned legs. Great video!
dancan38 • about 3 years ago
You obviously love seeing people satisfied ! A positive guy !
rhyull • about 3 years ago
A touch heavy on the hips for me and I would like to have seen her play with her tits more. But a pretty girl, a nice performance and I'm happy to see Dan got what he wanted.
dancan38 • about 3 years ago
At LONG last ! Nice full-view framing by cam-man !!! Thank you, thank you, thank you !!! And outdoors, too !!! 5* for cam man ! A great rendering, with varying angles at proper speed, alternating zoom/full view, you really followed Jenna up, her emotions, our desires... Probably the best video shooting in a while ! As for Jenna , a lovely starting sequence of bum-wiggling and shorts tugging that was quite evocative ! Gorgeous full thighs and body. Graceful rolling over on the lawn... A touch too much eyelid make up and the error of those pink nails, but a cute face and youthful expression. Firm breasts, even lying back. Beautifully suggestive sequence starting at 04'45, great angle and powerful vision of her whole muscular-looking body, including sweet pinky ! It 's quite effective in giving the feeling we're going to drop onto her !!! My all-time favorite in solo vids !!! A big grateful hug to Jenna and cam-man !!!

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