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Member Comments (7)

dancan38 said about 2 years ago
#52 is a knocker !!! give me my twenties back !!!
tink1974 said about 2 years ago
Surely one of the prettiest girls to ever appear on here.
sepu811 said about 2 years ago
mmmmmm what a nice baby!!!! Love her!
dancan38 said about 2 years ago
(true about the landing strip spoilt by the stubble...) That puppy in woman's disguise is soooooooooo pretty ! gorgeous lower lip and innocently strong shine in the eyes on some pics !!!
dsshop said about 2 years ago
Jade is an incredible BEAUTY! Legs, ass, feet, face, eyes, lips, tits, pussy, every inch of this woman's body is pure perfection!
bowsersheepdog said about 2 years ago
aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! jade. i simply cannot overstate how pretty i consider this girl to be, to my eyes she is on a whole different plane to all the other extremely gorgeous girls on this site. of course she has a wonderful body too, but it's her preternaturally pretty face which makes her stand out alone above the crowd.
dugout100 said about 2 years ago
A great natural beauty!