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dsshop • about 5 years ago
Jade has so many CUTE pictures! #53 is a good example! Also want to give the photographer props for #148 - Some of us like that!
who8bat8 • about 5 years ago
oh wow sexy! she is really hot sizzling!
tink1974 • about 5 years ago
She takes my breath away.
jamesmillard23 • over 5 years ago
just great - beauty, personality and explicitness - the magic trinity
rickmar • over 5 years ago
This girl is a goddess! WHEN are you going to bring her back???
dancan38 • over 5 years ago
Sweet big girl next door ! Though I never got to be that intimate with my next-door-neighbours
jon3349 • over 5 years ago
She's adorable! More photos and videos please! She has an absolutely terrific backside, love to see more!
robertdean57 • almost 6 years ago
I was so hypnotized by her eyes and her smile that I almost forgot she was naked. This set is a masterpiece.
altabidr • almost 6 years ago
One of the pretties girls!!!!! wowowowow!
mikesteed • almost 6 years ago
Out fuckin standing!!!
dugout100 • almost 6 years ago
Absolutely great set; whimsical in some, coquettish in others, sexy and sensual in many, honest and comfortable with her body in all, and wonderful eye contact. 88-89; 95-101; 110-113; 131-133; 137; 140!!! It doesn't get any better. Your best and most engaging set in a while; obviously shot with genuine affection. More!!!
georgia22 • almost 6 years ago
Gorgeous girl, great set.
horsenu • almost 6 years ago
Great photoset of a Beautiful young lady! Jade! Thank you!
simchris • almost 6 years ago
Beautiful photography and model. Great job all!
rickmar • almost 6 years ago
I have just seen a new definition of perfection. With every frame I couldn't decide which part of her I wanted to look at. She goes right to the top of my A list. One of your finest pieces of work ever. Much more of her please!! WOW!!
tylerdurden9490 • almost 6 years ago
Nice big set of photos like this are great IMO, they include enough material to appeal to just about everyone. Theres a good variety of poses and angles, close ups and full body (just need a couple of full length photos!)
nokidz4me • almost 6 years ago
perfect way to start the day with this set
momagic2 • almost 6 years ago
Fine as hell!!!!!!!!
philwasback • almost 6 years ago
splendid !!

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