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compustv68 • about 4 years ago
What a beautiful hot black girl. Nice spread pussy too.
uptonogood • over 4 years ago
How'd I overlook this video when it came out?! What a cutie she is! I liked those bird's eye view angles, too. Oh, and that little wink she gave . . . Charming. Sometimes the little things have a big impression.
charger • over 4 years ago
Ivy is beautiful we need to see more of her
seahoss • almost 5 years ago
Digital Desire has hit it out-of-the-ballpark with Ivy. Fantastic!!! Up until now, Alyshia Kingston has been my favorite. Encore! Then another encore!!!
michaeljones2 • almost 5 years ago
Fab video. Ivy is so very cute. Hope we see more of her and soon!
dancan38 • almost 5 years ago
she 's so cute ... I'd love to make out what she says in her moaning, what language she speaks... Can you tell us where she comes from and who she is ? She's both cute and wild and friendly and natural and ...genuine....
dancan38 • almost 5 years ago
She's sooo pretty, cute, endearing, beautiful eyes, exciting mouth and adorable teeth range, very pretty face, genuinely natural, sensuous and sexy body...enticing moves of her hips, swinging savagely in our faces, breasts rather heavy for her age range but gorgeous fleshy thighs and tummy and bum and everything !!! That girl is a world wonder !!! 5*****!!! ...and no tats, no piercing , no damaging of any form !!!
tits4tat • almost 5 years ago
Very cute girl. Loved the doggie style view. Too much O.O.F.F.S. (out of focus foreground shit). Do we really want to see out of focus wilted Geraniums rather than a luscious pussy?
bowsersheepdog • almost 5 years ago
yeah this girl is delicious. very very sexy. when there is a video of a photoset i too prefer to see the photos first. i wouldn't go so far as to say the reverse can be anti-climactic but having seen the video it can be more difficult to exercise imagination whilst viewing the photographs.

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