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rickmar1 • 7 months ago
I'm going to call this for what it really is. OUTFUCKINGSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!
dancan38 • over 4 years ago
Well, I was over and out half wxay thru, I'm keeping the second half for later enjoyment ! Maybe they were not used to each other and that allowed for a certain lack of synchro, but all the more so, they obviously enjoyed it both and were both eager to get at each other. Totally enjoyable video !
dsshop • almost 5 years ago
Unbelievable! Almost 20 min of pure Sexual Ecstasy! FUCK! I love the kissing and licking of the asses! Their tongues and lips coming together! And when those tongues get at those pussies! - Amazing! I love listening to Sophia slurp on Holly's pussy toward the end! Sophia and Holly are both so FUCKING Beautiful, Sexy, Gorgeous, and Simply Amazing!
one2play2 • almost 5 years ago
trebor1969 • almost 5 years ago
What's not to like. Beautiful women making sensuous love. Great video.
doctordiesel • almost 5 years ago
I love the beautiful act of girl on girlingus . Yeah that's right!! That is a very broad term that should be in the dictionary. Where two very willing hotties decide to go lingus on each other wherever they choose too.It doesn't really matter where the tongue's land on the other body as long as there are two willing participants.. Yeah I think it should be an Olympic sport!!
monkeypaw • almost 5 years ago
Man, so many complainers. Not enough passion. Awkward. Not natural. There seems to be something off.... Whoa, guys, with all due respect it's not as if the cameraman was inside their bedroom catching them in the act of love making -- it's a mock set with what I expect had a production team and several more onlookers as well. Maybe they never met before and are first time faux lovers. It doesn't matter! I think they did a fantastic job of providing me with a fantasy moment and a considerable amount of lovely T&A for me to enjoy. Not for one moment did I think, "I wouldn't do them." Maybe your problem isn't with the girls and their inability to 'get it on' to your satisfaction. No, maybe the problem is with yourselves. Lay off the porn for a few days or a week and then come back to it. Maybe then you won't have trouble getting a 'rise' out of the video. 5 very hot stars.
tits4tat • almost 5 years ago
They needed a two headed dildo. That would have put this video over the top. It was still surprisingly hot for gato on gato.
oldjarhead3 • almost 5 years ago
Outfreakingstanding !!
sjbtexas • almost 5 years ago
These are two gorgeous women. Very hot video!
tylerdurden9490 • almost 5 years ago
The video I just watched was f**king HOT. LOTS of fingers and tongues, kissing and caressing, well lite, with perfect camera time given to every girl, every bit of action. 5 stars
gobucks79 • almost 5 years ago
great when the stupid music went away and you could hear the lip smacking goodness ...LOL!!! Strong ending, very lovely ladies, the blond had great breasts! Both had wonderful butt and very lovely pussys! Thanks, next time kill the music ... at about 10 seconds!

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