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About this video:
She's petite and sweet (just listen to her voice) but Hayden Winters shed's her pink panties and bra at the foot of the bed in captivating fashion. While fantasizing about her girlfriend she explores her nubile and tight body to ecstasy.
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Member Comments (6)

njcelt said 8 months ago
Pretty voice, awesome pussy. It's a sealed deal.
tommy366 said 9 months ago
I wish all the models would talk to us --- it makes them more human, and it makes it easier to enter into a fantasy relationship with them. Hayden comes across (when she speaks) as very young. For many guys, that's a big turn-on.
dsshop said about 2 years ago
Amazing thin little young Bod! Love jean skirts on those bods! Very well done Hayden!
horsenu said almost 3 years ago
friendfactor; LOL, :) Yea! :)... "Jerky Somethin"... Sew, Thet splains everthin! I kno four me, it'z sumtimes, too hard - too sea wat yur typn wen yur bizy luukin and fantalillsizin' bout the wimen's and theire pitchers own tiss wobblin' website. I'm tink'n thet I sumetimes 2, halve ssew ferry munch trowble spelln korrectly, 2! I'm awlmost beginn' too wunderin, if mabe DD otto hav a spewl chekker on hear, 4 sum of us! :0 yea, right! :) :)! By the By, Hayden's some more sweet in this video!
ddphoto said almost 3 years ago
I just love her sweet voice. That gorgeous pussy, and that sweet voice. What more could you need in life?
ddphoto said almost 3 years ago
I wish we could download the model's vocal tracks to our iPods. What a performance.