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njcelt • over 3 years ago
Pretty voice, awesome pussy. It's a sealed deal.
tommy366 • over 3 years ago
I wish all the models would talk to us --- it makes them more human, and it makes it easier to enter into a fantasy relationship with them. Hayden comes across (when she speaks) as very young. For many guys, that's a big turn-on.
dsshop • almost 5 years ago
Amazing thin little young Bod! Love jean skirts on those bods! Very well done Hayden!
horsenu • over 5 years ago
friendfactor; LOL, Yea! ... "Jerky Somethin"... Sew, Thet splains everthin! I kno four me, it'z sumtimes, too hard - too sea wat yur typn wen yur bizy luukin and fantalillsizin' bout the wimen's and theire pitchers own tiss wobblin' website. I'm tink'n thet I sumetimes 2, halve ssew ferry munch trowble spelln korrectly, 2! I'm awlmost beginn' too wunderin, if mabe DD otto hav a spewl chekker on hear, 4 sum of us! :0 yea, right! ! By the By, Hayden's some more sweet in this video!
ddphoto • over 5 years ago
I just love her sweet voice. That gorgeous pussy, and that sweet voice. What more could you need in life?
ddphoto • over 5 years ago
I wish we could download the model's vocal tracks to our iPods. What a performance.

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