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Hayden Hawkins was as refreshing as the clear blue water in our pool for this shoot. Visiting from the heart of America's Midwest Hayden keep us all energized with her playful, silly activities. She nearly pushed me in the pool and splashed me on several occasions. Eventually I donned my underwater rig and joined her in the pool. Silly girl! -J. Stephen Hicks
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Member Comments (4)

fidelon said about 2 years ago
just a pretty saloon ass but almost perfect face.
who8bat8 said over 2 years ago
the under water photos are pretty darn cool. Hayden is very very sexy!
dsshop said over 2 years ago
Wow! All the ASS shots in this photo set are amazing! Especially love 112-115 with Hayden sitting with her back and ASS to us by the side of the pool. Seeing the incredible shape of that body with the slightly wet hair and of course that ASS spread by the way she is sitting - Amazingly SEXY!
georgia22 said over 3 years ago
Great set. Beautiful girl, outstanding photography, nice selection of images. J Stephen works magic once again.