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rickmar1 • over 1 year ago
I don't know who told her that those tats on her back were a good idea, but, other than that she is about as close to perfection as you will find.
one2play2 • over 4 years ago
FANTASTIC! Definite KEEPER! ditto with dsshop. What a beauty
dsshop • almost 5 years ago
Hayden's panties says it all "SEXY LITTLE THING" Wow does she have an incredible ASS along with those 2 sexy long legs! When she spreads those sexy long legs with the heels on spreading wide the pussy and the ass - Amazing! The way those heels help lift the ASS off the floor and she comes from the back end to finger her pussy! Extremely SEXY Video Hayden!
ddphoto • over 5 years ago
Hayden is of course, just fabulous. But sitting her up on a hallway floor looks awkward and uncomfortable. And then right near the end, (from 8:28 to 8:36) you give us just 8.5 seconds of a gorgeous, perfect camera angle with Hayden laying back, completely spread out on the floor. I know I'm greedy, but can't you see that that is what you should have been shooting the entire time?

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