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rhyull • about 3 years ago
The world would be a much better place if there were less guns and more bimbos !!!
deckhand • about 3 years ago
Gigi is hot, but the video seems to be missing the middle part?
amantecono • about 3 years ago
@ Rhyull... LOL ....I do like your take on Gigi! (; ~ I somehow think that she is NOT your average GND type! A distinctly "blue hue" to this video! Verrry vocal! Verrrry open! Oh Yes, Gigi IS so glistening moist! And, 30 minutes or more of Gigi would of not been enough! Good Googli Moogli ~ Gigi! Thank you!, Gigi, dama dulce!
rhyull • about 3 years ago
I don't go a lot for blonde GND types myself, preferring the dark hair and more exotic features. But when a blonde looks as though she was designed solely to raise male libido and be the recipient of the lust they generate, then I am as drawn to them as an object of desire. Gigi fits that category for me so it was disappointing the video was a bare six minutes long. Thumbs up is for Gigi as is the star rating.

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