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njcelt said over 1 year ago
Sexy, smooth, buttercream, and juice pink! I'm in, and hope to see more!
ppetep said over 1 year ago
Stunning model!! Wish they would get her out of the shadows so we could see her!
michaeljones2 said over 1 year ago
Love to see women of color. Lovely pink pussy perfect contrast to the smooth dark skin. Florence is beautiful, hope to see more of her soon!
sjbtexas said over 1 year ago
Yes. Very, very nice.
sexaddict said over 1 year ago
What an extraordinarily beautiful pussy! Love the coral pink inside contrasting with the dark-rimmed labia. Delicious!
baldisar1 said over 1 year ago
Wow!! Stunning
coniow said over 1 year ago
At last! A set with a good number of full length shots! Way to go guys! Really like those in the mirror, it brings out both sides of her. (Sorry, slap-wrist).
dancan38 said over 1 year ago
Black Ass Power, yeah !!! Those two large cheeks are so yummy , topping those two beautiful legs !!! I select #34 and 72 !Also, #76 is so soft...
tits4tat said over 1 year ago
Her bod is "dolche" for sure. Lots of sweet spots here.
dugout100 said over 1 year ago
Another beautifully photographed set of a gorgeous woman!
hkschlong said over 1 year ago
Florence....I think I'm in love....