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diegor • almost 4 years ago
** 1/2
jamesmillard23 • almost 4 years ago
really nice girl, and best of all was that apparently genuine, happy and contented look at the end. I hope she sticks to soft core where she can keep that smile and know that she's giving pleasure to us while not being abused.
michaeljones2014 • almost 4 years ago
What a beautiful girl. Eva drained me dry that's for sure. Hope to se more of her. Thanks DD!
coniow • almost 4 years ago
At last having watched it I think that the whole of the first comment by Scorpy sums it up for me too. Eva: Must have more!
superbigfan • about 4 years ago
more of this please
tits4tat • about 4 years ago
! Ayeee Lolita !
dancan38 • about 4 years ago
Beautiful to watch, though on the verge of taboo & perversion !
rhyull • about 4 years ago
Nice looking girl with good eye contact and didn't take all her clothes off. Seems relaxed and happy. No curtains to use for depth of field and to get subscribers frothing. Everyone should be happy campers.
tommy366 • about 4 years ago
I love watching her go from seeming withdrawn and maybe a bit nervous at the beginning of the video to abandoning herself to sensual pleasure and smiling broadly at the end. Good job, Eva!
stangman6785 • about 4 years ago
She is so adorable. Love the cute young look.

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