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rickmar1 • 11 months ago
She has probably one of the greatest mouths and smiles I've seen. Gorgeous on all accounts.
superbigfan • about 4 years ago
who8bat8 • over 4 years ago
105 - 107 nice pretzel
dugout100 • almost 5 years ago
In rediscovering this set, she is really a beautiful, natural, full bodied woman. Love it.
arkie99 • almost 5 years ago
Much better photo set than her Halloween photos. Eva has definitely matured and has become a very appealing sexy lady! Hope to see more of her in the future.
dsshop • almost 5 years ago
Eva is BEAUTIFUL! I Love #94. Looks like she is having so much fun! What I would not give to FUCK her when she is in position #105-#107! Amazing! Well done Eva!
sexaddict • about 5 years ago
Such a sweet and innocent face at the start of this set. The anticipation of "Is this girl going to show me her pussy?" was awesome -- and rewarded. Love Eva Lovia. Shoot her again soon.
christophec • about 5 years ago
Agree with Dancan38 (that kind of pictures could be in "Backstage" for fun).
dancan38 • about 5 years ago
I was about to give 5* for the first time, then was amazed by #105, 106, 107 and 113... what the h... does that bring the girl, the site, the guys and dolls watching...??? What a wart on her image ! well, she still gets 4* from me!!! such a pretty face and such a wonderfully shaped body ... makes you wonder, your mind wander and your guts want her...
spartandream • about 5 years ago
Lovely Girl. She's the epitome of natural beauty. Please don't wait so long to bring her back next time.
tits4tat • about 5 years ago
Very pretty and appealing girl. Not extremely erotic, but lovely to look at. They don't all have to be steaming vaginal volcanoes about to erupt. The new site is a hot mess. Effed up thumbnails (previously one of my favorite tech features) and web design that looks like an 80 year old woman's bathroom. Can you just put it back as it was?
michaeljones2 • about 5 years ago
I liked Eva from the very first time she appeared in that Halloween photo set last year. Very all natural looking girl. Hope a video complements this wonderful photo set. Thanks DD!
darlings01966 • about 5 years ago
Fresh and natural setting and model. Like the way she is slow to take her clothes off, and the fairly decent variety of poses. Her bush is nicely trimmed and it points to delightsome involutions.
tenjin1971 • about 5 years ago

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