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rickmar1 • 5 months ago
Her smile alone is worth a 5. The rest of her is worth even more.
dancan38 • almost 4 years ago
thanks for the hint, coniow, was definitely worth going to visit Crystal Klein ! And...yes, same dress!!!
tink1974 • almost 4 years ago
Perfect set of a perfect young lady.
dugout100 • almost 4 years ago
Great smile, great boobs, great honesty!
doggone2 • almost 4 years ago
Another knockout beauty! Beautiful EVERYTHING!! Keep up the Great work!!!!
cfdietcoke • almost 4 years ago
She's lovely and reminds me of someone I dated for awhile!
coniow • almost 4 years ago
I note the dress that Crystal Klein modeled in 2006 has made a comeback! They both wear it well. (Note to self: must get a life!). Like the full length shots, although a few more would have been nice. And some FUR !
dancan38 • almost 4 years ago
...this said, I love Eva's smile, very soft and endearing, and I thought her delta-combed pelvic scrub is also most scrumptious and alluring ! Plentiful backside and thighs !... and no pins-no tats-short nails !!!A beautiful sensuous set ! Very good taste ! Bravo !
dancan38 • almost 4 years ago
pics 3, 29, 43 are the kind of full-size you should put in as much as the gynaecological ones ! They give a feeling of perspective on the lady that adds to the quest for authenticity that DD is all about... Of course it's not always to the model's credit as some physical aspect thus revealed may be less flattering : we see the real proportions of Eva's body, and that's what I like, being treated truthfully ! Besides, for a change (leaving open space for other tastes !), the model appears as the girl-next-door, she seems alive and not a blank and 'cheese -whisky''formatted' bimbo. I. e., another big thank you to the photog !

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