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We had a tough time shooting this pictorial as far as lighting went. We bounced the early afternoon sun into the living room with a huge white board. It worked perfectly when the sun was out. Emma looks spectacular. Only trouble was, these unexpected clouds rolled in and out, constantly changing our exposure/color temperature of the light. All I can say is, thank god Emma is so beautiful and a skilled model. The day would have been a disaster with a model that had to be directed, or that only looked good in one certain light, or from one specific angle. I stressed about the light, but not about Emma looking hot and sexy. I knew she would take care of that easily. -Mark Lit
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Member Comments (6)

robn13 said over 2 years ago
Stunning woman. But a big shame about her need for all the tramp stamps (no, I don't see it as body art). Just my perspective.
reboulin said over 2 years ago
Great girl very very tasty absolutely flawless!!!
itt1968 said almost 3 years ago
This is one hot female!!! nice everything...WOW!
ddphoto said almost 3 years ago
Excellent photography. #83 - 100 are my favorites. Looks like we're right there in bed with her.
darlings01966 said about 3 years ago
Love her outfit, though the owl on her shoulder might be a little too much Athena for any man.
georgia22 said over 3 years ago
Super-hot girl. Pic #74 is the best. Can't wait to see more of her!