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rickdd99 • over 4 years ago
This model looks youthful and the quality of DD is vastly better than many supposedly "top" sites. DD seems to try for some sensuality/eroticism. While I really like this video and think the model is super cute, I do wish the videographer/photographer had cared to have her blow her nose before shooting.. Also, it may be a personal preference, but the bald or 3 day growth pussies are a major turn off. Here for instance we have a totally gorgeous young woman masturbating for us (albiet an act as it must be) but her genitals look very much like a badly plucked chicken! Please, please add more photos and videos of more naturally haired women. Trimmed or bikini is fine, but bald is so old hat and ugly (to me).
lvynggl • over 4 years ago
I like the fact you are putting new girls in here . And I also appreciate a young beauty , keep up the good work . I like this site because of the fresh girls I've seen in here . Emily reminds me of a Hottie I dated in High school , I think she's stunning and flawless anyone who would say otherwise needs an eye checkup
tommy366 • over 4 years ago
She appears at least 18 or 19 --- old enough to know what she's doing. And she's very cute --- so much so that I feel privileged to be able to watch her in an intimate moment. I look forward to seeing much more of her.
dsshop • over 4 years ago
Emily is going in the favorites! She is so FUCKING ADORABLE! Hope to see a lot more of you here at DD Emily!
coniow • over 4 years ago
After watching Emily, I looked at videos from Sara James and Natalie Heart for comparison. The bodies and smallish breasts are much alike with all 3 girls, but Emily looks young, where the other two look like young WOMEN rather than girls. I am betting that all 3 were about the same age when filmed. Is the issue with the bodies, or with the young look? Look at Ballet Dancers and Gymnasts who predominantly have bodies just like these. If you feel 'ill at ease' looking at Emily, would you feel guilty at being attracted to a dancer or gymnast I wonder? For me I like all 3 'women' and am content that they are women, not vulnerable little girls. (Bit of bush on all 3 might help convince of course! :-) )
rhyull • over 4 years ago
Getting to the fun part, I'd prefer to see her wear some eye shadow and of course it will be nice when her tits grow a little more but as I've said before, I'd sooner an A cup than a D with dead nipples. Emily is certainly not lacking in that area and they stand to attention quite impressively when she gets juicy. Nice girl with some potential to relax more.

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