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qqqqq4 • about 5 years ago
~ match point ~
jjj9999 • about 5 years ago
bobearl • about 5 years ago
Sexy sexy sexy!!
reboulin • about 5 years ago
Embry,une belle plante qui nous montre pas son cul dommage! *** LOVE ***
georgia22 • about 5 years ago
Photo set, please.
daddyoh • about 5 years ago
Hey...for once I disagree with the masses in a positive way (I think). Solid video, beautiful girl...well lit! A+ on the lighting and focus! Sunglasses were cute. Shorts were adorable and very sexy. And what the fuck is up about panning "pink nipples"? If she had even a tiny tattoo or more than pierced ears the guys would bitch about that. But pink nipples? How fucking ridiculous. Her nipples are awesome and I would suck each with vigor!
tra56kaa57 • about 5 years ago
I really enjoyed the strip tease half of the video. She looks great. The rubbing one out half of the video was okay. The thumbs-up is for Embry herself, and the strip tease.
banjoman • about 5 years ago
You’re a stunner Embry. Fantastic body, great smile, love the tan, sensational natural boobs that bounce away all on their own and really like the long blonde hair. It’s a very lucky guy that gets between your legs when he wants!! You can hang your hat at my house anytime!! Banjoman likes Embry.
tylerdurden9490 • about 5 years ago
Embry is very easy on the eyes. Thanks for getting her naked! And she reminds me of Cameron Diaz.............BONUS
rickmar • about 5 years ago
I love sunglasses, love pink nipples, love brown nipples, love pussies and love asses. I hope I didn't leave anything out. Oh, I also love Embry. Keep her coming.
halfast11 • about 5 years ago
Sunglasses? there were sunglasses? Are you gay? Anyway, beautiful girl lets have more of her.
tits4tat • about 5 years ago
Pink nipples are awesome.

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