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dsshop said 12 months ago
Ellena, I will admit when I first saw you on the talent search with a feature pictorial and video set, I did not have high hopes. I could not have been more wrong! You are stunning and have entered my favorites list. However this is DD so it is quite a long list. Never the less, you deserve to be on the list I consider the best of the best. You are a treasured sight!
lostnoiz said 12 months ago
I love it! A fresh face..tight body..a sweet pussy with just enough hair..looking forward to much more! Instant favorite!
bowsersheepdog said 12 months ago
i'm no botanist but it would be sort of appropriate were 49 a pussy willow. on the subject of the more interesting pussy here i have to say i rather like it, and the lovely girl it's attached to as well. very pretty, glorious pale skin, great hair and a damn sexy way about her. i hope there's much more of ellena in the offing.
tits4tat said 12 months ago
I think that I like tanned blondes with big tits but I always end up with fair skinned brunettes with B cups. So either that's what I actually like or that's what I can get. LOL. Ellena is a cutie. Both times.
dancan38 said 12 months ago
Another youthful brown-eyed babe, yes , I'm on ! Welcome to our gaze sweet Ellena !!!