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To Elizabeth, modeling isn't soley a job or a hobbie, but a passion that she takes rather seriously. We were lucky enough to catch her on one of her few off days from shooting catalog/fashion/editorial work to capture these images. She agreed to do these nudes with us for the experience of it all she says. Oh, and she thought Digital Desire was a beautiful site with a slick operation. Right back at you Elizabeth, we'd loved photographing you. Thanks for the great day! -Mark Lit
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Member Comments (12)

who8bat8 said over 2 years ago
wow! she is smokin love the pics
ainur1797 said almost 3 years ago
she can spank me
dartagnan1977 said about 3 years ago
I think I'm in love
simchris said about 3 years ago
Wow... where's the video for this shoot! :_)
philip01 said about 3 years ago
She is lovely
frdgn12 said over 3 years ago
Love it when women let water run over their bodies. So sexy!!
eveq101 said over 3 years ago
Great set, nothing like a touch of glamour and beauty.
luckystriker75 said over 3 years ago
She's amazing 10/10
manand3 said over 3 years ago
more of girls in bath please!
tylerdurden9490 said over 3 years ago
Top knotch all the way!
rgarjr said over 3 years ago
mamasita que buenota esta
johnrossiart said over 3 years ago
First rate Elizabeth...wow! John Rossi