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rickmar1 about 3 years ago
What a way to close out 2015! How can anyone complain about those spectacular, natural, free moving, beautiful, (did I say natural?) boobs in any way, shape or form? She could crawl towards me and bitch slap my face with those boobs until it went numb and I would be the happiest man in the world. The only thing that prevents her from being a perfect 10 are those awful tats. However, the rest of her is so fantastic, who am I to complain? From a production standpoint this is not the best video I have seen, but, the subject matter more than compensates.
ferretous about 3 years ago
I loved this video! Awesome in a few ways: (1) Elizabeth is absolutely gorgeous. What an unbelievable body, and I especially love the real boobs. (2) She really lets her playful personality shine through in this video, with lots of eye contact with the camera, playful poses, etc. (3) Great job on a variety of positions here. While I love to watch a girl getting off as much as anyone (and maybe more lol), videos where the lady just lies there on her back with legs spread doing her thing get a bit boring. I want to see her from all angles, and this video had a good mix of shots including crawling toward, from behind bent over looking back (good god!), pretending to ride while she bounced... fantastic. Great work and please ignore the comments of the first guy. Personally I liked the "crawling toward the camera" at the end because, obviously, she was coming to see me. This video is an instant fave.

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