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toome136 about 4 years ago
Fantastic series. Would like to see more like this coming from DD with variety in clothing and sets. And Dillon Harper my oh my!
renegade1 about 4 years ago
As far as galleries go like its already been said by nearly everyone else... THIS IS WHAT DD SHOULD be about! Look not every set needs a theme like secretaries, but the styling, the photo selection, and the effort are much better than the generic boring girl next door with white or pastel bra & panties that has a 3rd of her body missing from every shot or close ups of single body parts making up over half of of a gallery that we've been subject to for over the last year and a half or so.
danhalen about 4 years ago
Oh boy I love Dillion.
obbig1980 about 4 years ago
Lovely natural boobs, check Cute face, check Gorgeous pussy, check Delightfully round rump, check Never gonna get to fuck her in a million years...check
coniow about 4 years ago
Nice change of scenery! While I am not sure that this is Dillion's best set at DDG, with the limits set by the location that is not surprising. The full length shots are welcome, and I am sure we all appreciate that it is only in a few odd shots that her head has been chopped in close-up! The number of clothed shots leading to the step by step undressing is something asked for by members, (as opposed to two or three pics, if any, and then naked). As Dillion can carry the tease, and it does not become tedious, I have no complaints. (With an in-experienced model, and the potential for lots of shots to look the same, the risk is there). It is good to see members comments being seen to be taken note of.
drknight1 about 4 years ago
Dillion is my idea of perfection! She's the whole package, beauty, sex appeal, personality, allure, etc. Nice to see her again.
rickmar1 about 4 years ago
This is the first time I've seen Dillon since returning to this site. Absolutely stunning! She has one of the most perfect bodies I have ever seen. Just added her to my "Favorite Model" list.

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