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366tommy • over 4 years ago
The more I see of Dani --- the better! Will there ever be more photos or videos of her? One can only dream!
dsshop • almost 5 years ago
#46 - Wow Beautiful ASS!
eveq101 • about 5 years ago
*****Dani is a 360 erotic Muse, Beautiful photography, gorgeous makeup*****
horsenu • over 5 years ago
AND...speakin'of "body parts". I don't think there's any man couldn't use his imagination, if he came home and "found" Dani waiting for him in the position she's in photo #67! As Billy Crystal used to say "Marvelous"!!!
horsenu • over 5 years ago
I guess everyone has their tastes and desires when it comes to what they feel defines a beautiful woman. Their own way of seeing things. But if you compare a photo of Dani to a photo of Jane Seymour (when she was younger, of course), I think you'll agree with me there is a very strong resemblance! Classic Beauty!! I'm just sayin...
sexaddict • over 5 years ago
Fantastic detail study of the lovely Dani Daniels. I lingered over every shot. I suspect God Himself has a set of these photos to show His buddies: "THIS is how it's DONE!"
hozerjoe • over 5 years ago
Well done photoshoot. I am new member, but long time fan of this site. This photoshoot has what I love but dont see enough here.....and that is a beautiful bum, covered with sexy panties. Dani one of my top models. I cant gawk at her enough.
bob1glitch • over 5 years ago
Dani is as beautiful as ever .Nice set. Thoroughly enjoyed it!!
tylerdurden9490 • over 5 years ago
I love the angles here, especially the close ups of Dani's lower belly as she removes her panties. Lighting, background, and make up all beautifully compliment her skin tone. Just missing a full length photo or two.........5 out of 5
jnschmidt • over 5 years ago
Dani may be the most beautiful model, head to toe, DD/DDG has ever shot. And you've captured her beauty here again- rich colors, soft light- Very sensual. And, therefore, far from "amateur."
simchris • over 5 years ago
dugout100 • over 5 years ago
#53 & 60 are wonderful.

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