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Member Comments (14)

jimmyseven said over 1 year ago
Dani does herself beautifully. It starts with those hypnotic, exotic eyes. Then her little whimpers of pleasure as she touches herself toward her goal. A very enjoyable 15 minutes. Oh to spend 15 minutes with Dani. Mind you, I would probably shoot my load before she got her shirt off.
366tommy said about 2 years ago
I've commented on the other two videos, but I can't help myself, and I have to praise this one also. Dani is one of a kind, and we are all lucky to have her a click away, naked, aroused, and eager to please us. She succeeds!
ravicvts49 said over 2 years ago
Dear Dani.D,you are really sexy and your butts also.Your pussy lips are gorgeous and fleshy,in fact I want to suck them to glory.
dsshop said over 2 years ago
Wow! Right from the very beginning. This woman has a fine ASS! I love the way that boy short panty does not even come close to covering that ASS. And the nipples poking out of that white top - Amazing! The best part is knowing it is all coming off to show one incredible bod!
eveq101 said over 2 years ago
****Dani is a 360 erotic Muse, I envy her female partners from her duos Vids****
horsenu said almost 3 years ago
Hmmm...what kinda apple was that? The music, Dani's voice - the audio is excellent, too. Dani reminds me alot of Jane Seymour!
mangabee said about 3 years ago
This woman is a goddess, I envy her boyfriend(s)
tits4tat said about 3 years ago
Jesus Christ. I can't believe how much better this video is than what you were shooting just a couple of weeks ago. In fact, this video is SO much better I will go out on a limb and say that you have added/ substituted shooting or editing talent. I just don't believe that anyone can get that much better that quickly. Whatever you have done, KEEP ON DOING IT! You have jumped to the next level!
tylerdurden9490 said about 3 years ago
<------- for all reasons listed below, and that apple eating bit at the end............nice touch!
horsenu said about 3 years ago
A "Work of Art" - Dani and the video. Dani has a Beautiful face and body! And she IS incredibly sensual and sexy. And I love her voice; melodic and the sighs..oh yea! The video - Now you guys...Finally got it right! Great cinematography, awesome close-ins and close-ups! You can also touch her skin, smell her scent!! Great cut-aways, editing just right, and the music and audio - just right. You guys are becoming oscar contenders' now.
kenoch819 said about 3 years ago
Great stuff.
darlings01966 said about 3 years ago
What a sweet girl! I like the way she takes her time getting her clothes off, and the shy way she has with her body. Dani is for all time!
dugout100 said about 3 years ago
Gotta love Dani!
xtoad1 said about 3 years ago
Very nice and the video hits keep coming good work