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ravicvts49 • about 5 years ago
Miss Dani,you are really stunning beauty,I really enjoyed your video.thanks.
dsshop • over 5 years ago
Amazing video Dani!
yapyapyapyipyeep • over 5 years ago
good grief, dani daniels can really deliver the goods
harrypotter • over 5 years ago
when do I see this beautiful girl again.
horsenu • almost 6 years ago
Dani is the most beautiful, sexiest woman that you guys have filmed! I'm thinking that you should bring her back for an encore in this setting! I can tell she's multiple orgasmic, so give her all the time she needs, to really let herself go! That'd really be "A Video" to see!!
hozerjoe • about 6 years ago
Wow! She is smoking hot. Perfect body. Great video shoot. You hit the ball out of the park with this gal/video.
jtropp3 • about 6 years ago
Perfect! She is one of the most under rated women on this site. Thanks for not covering her abdomen, she has the perfect body!
ectospasm • about 6 years ago
Dani is in my top 5 for sure. I love her curves and her climax seems so sweet and sincere.
assobsessed • about 6 years ago
I would love to paste that ass with my dripping jiz, after knocking a load off in that tight ass
dugout100 • about 6 years ago
Dani is one of the best!!!
pat4laf0 • about 6 years ago
Wow! Just my kind of video as well as my kind of girl. I like the choice of site, lights, camera angles and moves. Nice lingerie and amazing act of Dani... I can feel the sensuality from the start to the end. Some girls, especially fresh ones are unable to make me believe to their pleasures. But Dani does it very well for me.
aamgddesire • about 6 years ago
For me, this is one of the best videos in the site. Danni D. was great. It would be a good option to film another video with the same angles, lights, model and production, but changing the position of the model to the doggy style view.
monitor68 • about 6 years ago
nice tight natural body nice!
hapatrue • about 6 years ago
Loved it! What a babe, great underwear too, the little pink bows, would give me a hard-on peeling them off my gal any day. Like the last vid, multiple orgasms with great build-up towards the big one. Only wish it could be me getting her off like that before shooting my load inside her.
lokiloki01 • about 6 years ago
FANTASTIC! Two in a row, have you guys thought about doing this for a living? Danni really moves seductivly, she should get a grammy or oscar or emmy or whatever the hell it is they give actress's.

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