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Member Comments (5)

dancan38 said about 2 years ago
I didn't have that negative feeling... I thought it was taking its time, gently , sensually, without hurrying into sex, but taking the time to do what I would have done , exactly, at that speed, due to the two beautiful curveous bodies of our young ladies, miles away from pure fuck... Maybe age makes me see differently from the first two members' comments
dancan38 said about 2 years ago
agreed with rhyull (that's not the first time !) that , in particular in her one-woman-show, Megan looks far too much at the camera (or cameraman ...?) and also I liked the pics in the photo set, of the two together, where they nibble instead of, or after, plain licking each other's lower smile... that's more realistic !
dsshop said about 2 years ago
WOW - I see two AMAZING SEXY HOT Women. Love the beginning with Dalilah spreading Megan's Sexy Fine ASS! Megan is such a petite little CUTIE! Love her FEET too! I find it best to just enjoy and not critic.
coniow said about 2 years ago
I have a video where a natural 'dom' was paired as a 'submissive' with a girl who was inexperienced as a 'dom', with somewhat comical results. (It made more sense after watching the 'backstage' interview.) These two girls are new to the biz, so where experience will take direction and then confidence will run with it. I think here they want to please, but don't yet have the confidence to take control themselves. It will come, and we should feel honored to see them starting out. (In a years time they will look at this and probably cringe, but I have seen more boring videos from girls with more experience, so as a beginning it's Ok.
rhyull said about 2 years ago
Obviously I don't know production dates but this is the second video I have seen with these two girls paired up together, so all things being equal, no this is not the first time Dalilah has done g-g and it is not even their first time together. What I did see confirmed my impression that Dalilah is more a receiver than an initiator; she likes someone else to take the lead. And Megan may be new but she definitely knows how to put on a good show when she can take control. Her main error would appear to be looking to the cameraman when he says something. Beyond that? Well we can't know for sure but it seemed to me they both enjoyed what they were doing even though they are not full-on lesbians.