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puma88 over 3 years ago
Woos I like her she is pretty and tall for my height but quit working porno pkease
hugh57 about 4 years ago
Excellent action with an exquisite woman.
bowsersheepdog over 5 years ago
if she wants a yo-yo i'm happy to be strung along! this is a lovely sensitive and tender video, i think dan's description is very accurate though i rather tend to agree with the dr. on the orgasm question. obviously there's no way to be absolutely sure, but i suspect that she may have come twice, firstly at around 13:37 and again at about 19:45. if she ever does a reel life interview maybe she could enlighten us, though we'd still have to take her word for it as these women have this crafty way of concealing such things. whatever she is an excellent embodiment of that girl-next-door image so beloved by so many of us. if she is an amateur i hope she stays that way, it's so endearing, and if she is a professional model it would be unusually wonderful were she able to retain that attitude of almost unworldly innocence which she so sexily exudes here.
dancan38 over 5 years ago
(glad to see they've left the curtains drawn on this one !!!) Well, once again I'm totally lined up with Rhyull, re the general appeal for an otherwise pretty girl. Besides, what with the plain eating of the strawberry at the start, a few glances elsewhere than right into my eye and a few details of the kind, Courtney doesn't ACT overtly, there's a general feeling of natural, spontaneous, graceful behaviour.You could say there is sweetness in this video, no glamour, no show-off, no pretence (pretense ?), an enjoyable time ! NB And indeed there seems to be enough space and availability 'down there' to welcome a handful of greedy fingers, and Courtney's finger-nails look as if they wouldn't do any damage, which is rare among the latest models ! I really enjoyed Courtney's approach to masturbation, far more effective than the great majority of models, even those seemingly well-versed in Porno Science but totally 'rooky' in their sex-handling. Last thing : the dildo at the end has a definite meaning : Courtney's done the preliminaries, the work out, but she's actually waiting for a man and doesn't try to prove that she can do it by herself, unlike (again!) most models who geve an impression of self-sufficiency and self-fulfillment...
doctordiesel over 5 years ago
Now that Ladies and Gentleman is how it is done. No porn star ... Fake ... over the top... OOHHH YEEAH OOOH YEAHHH! Bullshit.. Just a sexy lady with a genuine toe curling ( watch it again if you missed it ) Orgasm... at the end.. Nice!!
dsshop over 5 years ago
Amazing video of an absolute BEAUTY! Hope there is much more Courtney coming!
mickey over 5 years ago
Gorgeous! Need more of her video work, STAT!! Only thing could have made this better would be some lacy panties left on, with some fishnet stockings, and come-fuck-me pump heels with just a little bit more of clit play out of its hiding place for us to suck for her!! More from Courtney asap!
coniow over 5 years ago
I was not sure what to expect from this video. She is much better here than in the stills and I really like that she remembers she has breasts to caress! This seems as though she was doing this for herself and not just giving a performance.
dugout100 over 5 years ago
Total pleasure!
dhigg779 over 5 years ago
Well done!! Ms Courtney is a rare gem. True natural beauty, very real, AND she exudes feminine strength and self-confidence. What a turn on! She gets 10 stars. Please...bring her back.
rhyull over 5 years ago
No flaming, we all have our preferences and Courtney isn't one for whom I would launch a thousand ships. Nothing wrong with her, I like the wild hair and she has nice enough tits. Obviously I wouldn't kick her out of bed, she's just not within the scope of my ideal fantasies. To me her best feature is she has a neat looking cunt without excessively ragged wings and she looks like she could take three fingers quite easily and four without too much difficulty.

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