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sexaddict said almost 2 years ago
Gorgeous model. Prety, expressive face; small natural breasts with ideal shape and perky nipples; lovely pussy with generous labia... Why are some shots so flat & gray, when others have nice warm color?
dancan38 said almost 2 years ago
Another pretty girl-next-door, fit, healthy-looking and natural, unsophisticated ! Thank you ! A broad mouth with a winning smile, sturdy thighs and comfortable rounded tummy, two cute average-sized breasts. So at ease in all positions ! Not to mention those eyes ... Too many beautiful pics to single out (yummy #120 & 139)!
doggone2 said almost 2 years ago
Fantastic body!!
dsshop said almost 2 years ago
Courtney is a very beautiful girl. Awesome look to her. I love #132! And of course # 142!
tits4tat said almost 2 years ago
First rate. Top drawer model and photography. I fell in love with Courtney instantly. I can't decide which frame to print out and put in my wallet to tell lies about.
dugout100 said almost 2 years ago
Wow - great shoot; from sweet and innocent to sultry and knowing to flat out sex! Another great find. More!!
lostnoiz said almost 2 years ago
Outstanding! What a wonderful way to start a Saturday...
dnorton2812 said almost 2 years ago