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sexaddict • almost 4 years ago
She has gorgeous labia, as shown to great advantage in shot 62. Why not show them off more???
outereyes • about 4 years ago
what a hot tasty ass this girl has BEAUTIFUL!
drknight1 • over 4 years ago
Ok so where is the video of this total hottie?
dancan38 • over 4 years ago
...having said this, COco is a beautiful girl, nevertheless, and the bonus is the absence of paraphernalia !
dancan38 • over 4 years ago
Well, on the other hand I'd vote for 48 & 79 for the instances that she actually LOOKS into my eyes !
mauddib • over 4 years ago
Thanks, coniow. Today was, in fact, "healing and nurturing," not just because of DD. ;-) Fitting that we should be talking about real life under a set of one of the most no-nonsense natural models to be featured for a while. Agree with you about Syria (and far too many other places). Maybe Coco would too...
mauddib • over 4 years ago
Wow! Coco is a lot more appealing than the preview thumbnail led me to expect. And the most perfect breasts (with well-pronounced nipples) that I've seen in quite a while! I agree, coniow, that a little more variety in facial expressions would have made this set just a little more perfect. But at least her default look isn't that facke come-on pose that seems to be the only one so many models know how to do. I'm sorry, coniow, for your mangled transition into the new year. My wife and I had a fight last night, right through the firecrackers going off in the background. (I couldn't help noticing the cinematic irony.) It's tough when, like PF sings, you keep running over the some ground. But thankfully life gives us some diversions, and thankfully true beauty (like we see here) is not just an escape, but can be healing and nurturing.
ninobarlini • over 4 years ago
As with coniow, Coco very much resembles a beauty I knew well in a previous life. To me, she is simply breathtaking. 2014 is off to a great start! Thank you & Happy New Year!
coniow • over 4 years ago
Now I have looked at the set properly, I do love the cute shorts, the suggestion of nipple under the top, and best of all that she reminds me of a girl I worked with on a show (briefly), many years ago. I never saw her looking like THIS, but now I can really dream of what she MIGHT have looked like ;-P A bit more substance to the hint of fur would be the cherry on the cake, a caress of nubile breast, and the odd gentle (coy) bite on the bottom lip might provide some variation. The movie should be good! (Please tell me their is one, I don't see it yet?)
coniow • over 4 years ago
I have had a lousy end to 2013, and the worst start to a new year that I can remember. Thank you Coco for being the best thing that happened today. And thank you DDG for enabling her to do it!
sexaddict • over 4 years ago
Coco is lovely, with a delicious natural body. Look forward to seeing more of her.
xcreepx • over 4 years ago
Very natural! Thumbs up !

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