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tezzza75 • about 3 years ago
video & coco are stunning 5 stars
coniow • about 4 years ago
Good video, only let down by the out-of-focus fore-ground effect :-( . Here and there, around the edges of the frame is not to bad, but when the view of lovely Coco is OBSCURED ? Must agree with Moquojba: But at least SHE plays with her fantastic nipples, even if we can't!
moquojba • about 4 years ago
Love her nipples! I want to play with them soooooo bad! Not to mention the rest of her!
rhyull • about 4 years ago
Nice creative use of shadows midway through. I could have enjoyed seeing that extended but I suppose others prefer the floodlit option. Nice enough girl but a bit young and immature for me personally.
njcelt • about 4 years ago
I'll double that notion turtlejack
turtlejack75 • about 4 years ago
She needs a good poke after that.

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