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scottishswede • over 4 years ago
I've had a s**t pile of a day that started three days ago and then I saw you Chloe James. You have the most beautiful face I have seen in a long, long, time. I'm a old man. Thank You Miss James!
mariom1 • over 4 years ago
Beautiful girl, nice set (love her feet and bush), need more please.
dsshop • over 4 years ago
Amazing set of pics Chloe! Love #81! Pretty feet, pretty asshole, and pretty pussy all in the same picture on a pretty and SEXY BABE!
halfast11 • about 5 years ago
The whole set is wonderful. Beautiful woman coupled with great photography. But 75-118 is MONEY!
eveq101 • about 5 years ago
*** 1/2
sexaddict • over 5 years ago
Gorgeous model. Awesome curves, which you captured very well. Tatts add nothing to her already amazing body. Nice bush. What I don't get is the diamond stud in her bottom lip. She must've misunderstood when she heard men like piercings in women's "lower lips."
tylerdurden9490 • over 5 years ago
Love photos #'s 75 thru 83, but there are so many other great shots here I could go on and on! Excellent set!
four89runner • over 5 years ago
Like the Bush. Pretty young lady.
ddphoto • over 5 years ago
98, 99 and 100 are perfection. 112 is pretty wonderful as well.
rickmar • over 5 years ago
The second half of this set saved it. Awesome pussy and ass shots! Loved the fur. The rest of her isn't bad either,
simchris • over 5 years ago
Hate the comments, love the pics!
christophec • over 5 years ago
Always complaining... I would be very happy if she could be in my bed !...
georgia22 • over 5 years ago
Great set. Nice photography and selection of poses. Oh, yeah, and the model is hot, too.
philwasback • over 5 years ago
and last but not least : fantastic photography !!

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