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hotstuff22 about 6 years ago
I wish I had her at home waiting for me instead of. She is so sexy,wow.
doctordiesel about 6 years ago
This little Hottie is welcome around my pool any time of the day or night... Just let me know in advance when she can be there so I can modify my schedule around her..... Oh yeah don't worry... Daddy can accommodate!!!
rhyull about 6 years ago
I may have to take up swimming
bowsersheepdog about 6 years ago
i wouldn't say i'm a fan of piercings, especially facial ones, but i managed to get past it. i asked myself, if i walked through and found her lying on my bed, begging for it, would the piercing stop me. i daresay you can guess my answer. the fucking hell it would, i'd be on her like a rat up a drainpipe. the girl is gorgeous and goddamn hot and sexy. total turn off? sounds like a desperate attempt to find something to complain about.

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