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monkeypaw almost 4 years ago
All good points below. I loved the video. It's handicapped ONLY by a person's imagination. It showcased Chloe's stunning good looks and amazingly sexy body -- zero body fat! It's reminiscent of Liz Ashley's vids whom rarely ever touches herself 'down there.' Quite the disappointment for most of her fans I suspect. In my fevered mind, Chloe could pass for her sister. Having said that, I too would've preferred more action but sometimes (as one commenter hinted) an appetizer gets the digestive juices flowing for the main course. Chloe has potential to be the main course but this video isn't it. She clearly is, however, finger lickin' good.... I'd like to see more of her even if it is less explicit than the other videos on DD. BTW, her other video is much better although she also doesn't masturbate. She's called Gaby in that one. I had to rename it to keep the vids together.
dancan38 over 4 years ago
Once again, a great point, Coniow... True that a girl who doesn't lead us anywhere is missing the point of acting out a video... There's a minimum performance expected (not necessarily masturbating if she doesn"t find it appropriate) and she needs to meet the deal. Having said this, I thought Chloe's performance, despite a boring start for 2' or so, was quite good, we see her from all angles without the cam man having to do his job! For once we have a model taking a great intitiative by swivelling several times so we can actually SEE her . Pity she couldn't do anything about not being chopped...most of the show. I love her slim body : you're a gorgeous girl, Chloe ! You're erotic in your movements, in posing on the chair in particular, without being sleezy, and still very open and graphic without anything unpleasant about it. Great achievement on your part !...and on DD's in publishing this video as it is. This is an epitome of the difference between eroticism and pornography. (Which doesn't mean I don't ALSO love watching masturbation, G/G and a little bit of kinky sexual parts exhibited and handled, of course !). 'Nuff said, that vid's a very pleasant surprise !
uptonogood over 4 years ago
She sho' is a sexy li'l thang.
lostat40 over 4 years ago
Totally erotic, love the Chloe, love the music
dugout100 over 4 years ago
I love Chloe - a beautiful woman!

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