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who8bat8 • almost 5 years ago
wow! what a Hotttie!
dsshop • over 5 years ago
Love the few close ups of Charlee's pretty feet in those heels! Pretty feet in heels is so SEXY, especially with panties pulled down in the same picture. Of course I also love pictures like #100 of her spreading wide that incredible pussy and ass! The entire package right there for us to enjoy!
callmezeke • over 5 years ago
Mmmmm. Very nice, especially 54-58 and 83-88. Charlee comes close to smiling a couple of times. But if she actually smiled, she might be too beautiful for words.
alpha1 • over 5 years ago
Sweet as! Love a girl in heels...
tra56kaa57 • over 5 years ago
Of course, completely understandable to forget this model had ever 'come and gone' so quickly. Because either you have recently photographed hundreds of beautiful models that you haven't shown us yet, or because you need to take an extended break from this crushing (yet forgettable) grind that Stephen has imposed on you. Eh?
pjp1959 • over 5 years ago
you forgot. one thing she is not. forgettable
rickmar • over 5 years ago
A very beautiful girl. I didn't see an attitude problem. Since you described her as being introverted, I felt that she came across as being somewhat camera shy. I thought she looked like she was wondering why she was doing this. This type of work can't be easy for everyone. Either way, I would like to see more of her.
tylerdurden9490 • over 5 years ago
Charlee is SEXY! That little curl to her upper lip is awesome, not quite a smile, not quite a sneer. Love it! Overall, a great photo set, but for my money, the first 2 dozen or so shots are the best. She has a beautiful face in profile and her posture is "picture perfect". Hope to see lots more of Charlee.
qqqqq4 • over 5 years ago
~ and now I hope you are working on the video? ~
qqqqq4 • over 5 years ago
~ and yes, that's the way ugh huh ugh huh I like it ~
sonofzog • over 5 years ago
You forgot?! You've been on the job too long; time to swap with me. Such a pretty girl (and her breasts are perfect!).
sepu811 • over 5 years ago
nice feets...and body
nessent320 • over 5 years ago
I understand what you said about the big mouthed model, but Charlee does have a very sexy mouth. And everything else, too. :-)
turtlejack75 • over 5 years ago
Great new, fresh face. Not pretentious, but there is a little bit of an attitude apparent in those facial shots and . . . NO TATS!! A true girl next door quality. Really like Charlee. Please get more.
michaeljones2 • over 5 years ago
Charlee is a cutie, quite the nut drainer. She has an exquisite backside, would liked to have seen more photos of that particular asset. Very nice set, hope there is a video to follow soon. Thanks.
darlings01966 • over 5 years ago
Sexiness is attitude and Charlee has it. And it doesn't hurt that she has the perky little breasts we love so well!

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