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rickmar1 • about 2 years ago
Great set. This is some serious pussy eating combined with excellent photography. Really well done.
baalanp72248 • over 4 years ago
when a woman has lips like Catie, there should be pictures of Raven doing more than just licking them. Catie has lips that are meant, no deserve, to be sucked!
sexaddict • over 4 years ago
Fantastic photo set. Catie Parker has a perfectly gorgeous, pink pussy. Off to check for her other sets now!
dancan38 • over 4 years ago
Just fascinated by how beautiful and pretty Raven is on #68...Not to mention many others where I dream of being Catie... Oh to be a lesbian, indeed !
hkschlong • over 4 years ago
I think i might be a lesbian....!
dancan38 • over 4 years ago
watching such beautiful bodies, I feel so old and ugly, belonging to another planet, almost self-conscious about being given the privilege.... It's unreal !!! how lucky we are to have DD !!
dancan38 • over 4 years ago
WOW ! those two are devilishly erotic !!! What wouldn't we all be ready to do for being the one Raven is greedily staring at, the way she does in those first pics... that girl is gold, pure gold, feminine, possessive, domineering, beautifully endowed...
sonofzog • over 4 years ago
I've been eagerly anticipating this set and the video!! ever since it showed up on Upcoming. Both of them are stunning and putting them together was brilliant.
tits4tat • over 4 years ago
Something for everyone.
dsshop • over 4 years ago
Love the contrasts on these two lovelies! Blonde and Brunette. Light skin and Dark skin. Bald pussy and Hairy pussy. Both HOT and SEXY! Makes for an AMAZING set of pics!
darlings01966 • over 4 years ago
A faultless set, beautifully executed! For a recent change, we have a pair who really seems to enjoy being women together! Raven's dominance is especially erotic, as signaled by her luxuriant bush. We're looking forward to the video!
thecraw • over 4 years ago
I bet that everyone involved in this shoot absolutely loves their job. Must be nice.
bryanl1 • over 4 years ago
One of the better G/G sets out there. Well done!
valarana • over 4 years ago
One of the better G/G sets DD has done. Many wonderful shots displaying the fine assets of these young women; some great closeups; fine poses and wondeful lighting. I'll come back to this set multiple times, no doubt.
philwasback • over 4 years ago
very nice! love that bushy pussy of Ravan mmmmmm
electro242 • over 4 years ago
wow, wow and wow again!

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