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dancan38 over 5 years ago
I disagree ! What I see in DD makes it a site of its own, aiming at soft porn through a more 'truthful' vision of the models, close to the girl-next-door, but a kinky girl-next-door, neither porn nor Vogue... An artful, homely approach to a peepshow, with as little artifice as possible. The aim still being to arouse without being gaudy, trash or flung-in-our-faces.But then DD has included a porn-star category for those wishing a little more 'performance'
bowsersheepdog over 5 years ago
scott I totally agree, #22 is stunning, but my personal preference is for #19 and #26. the whole set is fabulous but to my eyes those two are just that bit more glorious than the rest. I am also entirely in accordance with rufusk, mtntrails and sonofzog that the amount of posts decrying the models on these columns is ridiculous. I honestly believe that many members have joined the wrong site and would be better served by spending their money on something they prefer. it's not as if there isn't the choice out there.
happierjohn1 over 5 years ago
I've cancel my subscriptions to vogue 17 popular science Popular Mechanics discover Scientific American field and stream outdoor life and healthy living. I retained my Smithsonian Digital Desire met-art barely legal and several other well rounded sites. I thank God that I can enjoy this beautiful beautiful girl I love every inch and moment of her
doggone2 over 5 years ago
GREAT Natural boobs!!! No problems here with anything!! Keep 'em coming. GREAT WORK!
dsshop over 5 years ago
Ever since I saw her on the Upcoming, I have been looking forward to Catie! She is a BEAUTY! Love #116. Cute FEET and amazing ASS! Catie is a HOT SEXY CUTIE!
sonofzog over 5 years ago
rufusk nails it. Not sexy? Tell it to my pants. Pay no attention to the critics, Catie, because you are gorgeous with a breathtaking natural body.
tits4tat over 5 years ago
Beautiful girl with wonderful natural breasts. No complaints.
mtntrails over 5 years ago
Wow, as I was enjoying this set, it crossed my mind that there would be no room for complaint and that everyone would be rocked by this lovely, young creature. So much for assumptions, feels like Reddit sometimes !
rufusk over 5 years ago
Complaints about the hair, the baithing suit, the age of the model. Wow, I thought this was a site to see attractive women in the nude. I suggest that you guys go out an buy a Vogue mag or something.
dugout100 over 5 years ago
Much to offer; lovely smile, and fantastic breasts. However, it's her hair that detracts. Either let it go back to its natural color or work with it; too stringy, no life. Love the sunglasses touch.
artichoke over 5 years ago
I suppose that means that if I was lucky enough to see Catie posing so openly for me in photos such as 103-108 I must learn to say "No I'll leave it for a few years"? I think she'd be a tad offended actually.
rangdrol over 5 years ago
beautiful girl!

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