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lash111 almost 4 years ago
I wonder if there is a video to go with this set (in the same camisole...), if Cassie was confident enough to shoot one. Pic number 66 is a fave, a stunning vulnerability captured. 84 - 88 capture my attention, then 105 reels me in......hahaha
superbigfan almost 5 years ago
more of this please
dsshop over 5 years ago
Cassie is such a cutie. A cutie with beautiful Legs, Ass, and Feet! It is such a turn on a cutie like that fingering and tugging her pussy showing her dirty side. Cute and Dirty is a SEXY Combination!
deepspace9 over 5 years ago
Super pretty gal, so refined and incredibly sexy ! Awesome picture set ! Thank you !
eveq101 almost 6 years ago
** 1/2
rickmar over 6 years ago
This is the 2nd time I've watched this and it was even better than the 1st. I would love to just devour every part of her gorgeous body!
pat4laf0 over 6 years ago
Stunning, amazing beautiful girl from head to toe!!! Sublime photography. Pretty lingerie, intimate lightning, very sensual poses. What a nice professional job you can do!! I like everything about this set, from the 1st to the last picture. Hoping to see a video based on this photoshoot, but i'm afraid her nervousity could show through...
narrowgauge over 6 years ago
mangabee over 6 years ago
absolutely stunning girl, in every way....
tylerdurden9490 over 6 years ago
Very pretty young woman, very natural photo set, glad you were able to work through her nervousness as there are some very sensual photos here.
rickmar over 6 years ago
Holy God! Where do you guys find these women? I don't EVER want to hear about how tough your job is. I really hope you bring her back.
pawski over 6 years ago
im in love again
jnschmidt over 6 years ago
When I first glanced at Cassie, I thought: She's not my type. I quickly realized she transcends type. Cassie is sublime. Deep, expressive eyes; an adorable mouth with that upturned lip; fresh, pert breasts; a beautiful cookie; shapely feet... The list goes on! Oh, and the photography here is some of your best work. Thank you, and we welcome more of her!
lokiloki01 over 6 years ago
Great work as always, you lucky @#$%^&*@#!!
georgia22 over 6 years ago
Cute, sweet and sexy. Sublime photography. While I will still say that it would have been nice to have some full-length nudes, I can't complain... It is a good set. I love these 100+ photo sets. Thank you.
sepu811 over 6 years ago
nice young and sexy girl...and beautiful feets as well :D thanks! nice work

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