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In a G/G shoot, ideally, the stars align and the girls are hot for each other, they're comfortable in their setting, and they care about creating titillating images. Here is the end result from one of those starry shoots. -Mark Lit
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Member Comments (11)

sexaddict said 12 months ago
Would love to see more of Casey Calvert!
sepu811 said 12 months ago
I'm agree....perfection, they are both perfect and I love the cute nails too!!! mmmm awesome feets
darlings01966 said 12 months ago
Perfect in all its parts! We are especially pleased by the hair, make-up, wardrobe, and other delightful details, such as Niki Lee's really cute nails!
dancan38 said 12 months ago a loss for words... This is huge !!! The video should be a blockbuster !!! Send it quick !!!
dsshop said 12 months ago
Amazing set! High expectations for the video! Niki Lee Young licking ASS and getting ASS licked! INCREDIBLE!
bigslick74 said 12 months ago
Great set! Cant wait for the video!
will1o1 said 12 months ago
yum me
papydig said 12 months ago
Now we want the vid!
dancan38 said 12 months ago
those two are something ...
dddhh12 said 12 months ago
Great set!
sepu811 said 12 months ago
Oh GOD! Nice pussy licking....mmmmmmmmm they have perfect bodies and perfect pussy!!!