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impoloser • about 4 years ago
First...good video, Niki and Casey are really sexy! Eye contact with viewer very good (perhaps overdone a bit)'s exciting to feel that you are a part of the action (like, I wish...not a chance for me!)...more closeups of pussy eating and pussy closeups with a girl closing in! WOW!! Just some ideas
michaeljones2 • over 4 years ago
Great video with 2 very hot girls. I really like Casey, hope we see more of her soon! Thanks.
dancan38 • over 4 years ago
the photoset didn't outline that Casey is so subdued and frowning, refusing tongue contact and with that unnerving constant stare at the camera while Niki was doing her... Casey sure needs to learn a lot more before appearing as lustful as Niki !!! Rather disappointing, seeing how promising the stills were...
letsflirtforfun • over 4 years ago
Loved the ass to mouth thing....I'll do you if you do me....
coniow • over 4 years ago
I would echo rhyull in that IMHO 3 of the last 5 mins could have been edited out, reducing the M2A to a taste (so to speak) without detriment to the whole. (Over 20 mins seems to step over to short film rather than long video if you get my drift.) Other than that there was plenty to like, and I will be looking out for Casey Calvert for sure.
rhyull • over 4 years ago
Personally I think M2A and gaping always looks so contrived and sleazy but that's just my own opinion. Aside from that it was nice to watch two pretty girls having fun together.
sepu811 • over 4 years ago
mmmmmmmmmm awesome. I Would have licked not just Niki's pussy..but her ass and feets too mmmm

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