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puma88 over 3 years ago
Very good, ummm very good
spartandream over 5 years ago
This girl is amazing. And that ASS OMG that ASS! Perfect. I love this video. I think one of her tags should be "Baby got Back"
qqqqq4 almost 6 years ago
~ omg the scenery, and the mountains are beautiful as well!
jjj9999 almost 6 years ago
eveq101 almost 6 years ago
nightstalker62 almost 6 years ago
get over it everybody, nobody is forcing you to log in lol. Get over yourselves, or wait here is an idea, for all of those that are armchair critics, start your own company get the girls and then you can shoot and post what you want
tra56kaa57 almost 6 years ago
She's gorgeous. Luminous. Seductive. I don't see what's worth complaining about. If you think it's old hat (from four years ago? I can't remember four months ago), move on to the other sites you visit for now. The other videos I've watched on other sites this week weren't close to this sexy.
nessent320 almost 6 years ago
It's an awesome video and I like it a lot. But I agree with dvusfrogman that if you're going to repost old material, you should label that. By the way, I'm not against reposting old material once in a while: it was quite a hoot to see Rebecca Sabre again, even though I realized after a moment that it was a very old set and she wasn't really just a super-hot 45-year-old.
michaeljones2 almost 6 years ago
Cali is a beautiful girl with an absolutely stunning body. She does Playboy style modeling only so don't expect her to get naughty in front of the camera. I found this video to be most stimulating and very well done. Beautiful girl with some spectacular scenery in the background. I am thankful to Cali for sharing her awesome beauty with all of us. Great job.
ulysses almost 6 years ago
I have a special folder where I keep images of models flipping off the camera. (Quite a few I found at DD) I have 2 of Cali Logan flipping off the viewer. Gee, I wish there were some way I could post those here, dedicated to all the whiners.

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