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I made the mistake of letting the girls drink a red bull while they were in make up. By the time we were ready to shoot stills, for the life of me, I couldn't get them to hold a pose. The light was low and moody, so I needed to shoot at a lower/slower shutter speed than usual, which makes holding still essential. Despite Sasha and Brittney being extremely hot, It was a tough pictorial to complete. That being said, It probably makes me appreciate the pictures that much more. Image # 65 is my fav. -Mark Lit
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arroyo said almost 2 years ago
Thumbsup Great together, but take that pierce out
saint21 said about 2 years ago
Thumbsup oh wow, i love this site... so classy
nicebreeze said about 2 years ago
Thumbsup these two are great together
eveq101 said about 2 years ago
Thumbsup Beautiful set,and the imagery is also beyond beautiful.
timjking69 said about 2 years ago
Thumbsup Now we need the video! :}