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rickmar1 5 days ago
Is Blake still in the business? If so, I sure would love to see her again. The more I look at her stuff the more I like her.
dnm1250 over 3 years ago
I agree with rhyull. Give her a few more years.
emmsea over 3 years ago
Enjoyed the video (and the associated still set), thanks to all the team. Not having been on a DD shoot, what I'm about to suggest may be garbage, (maybe one of the DD crew could confirm / deny) but here it is anyway. . . I'm figuring the models get a big say in what style of videos / stills get taken, Some models are more comfortable with . . . ahh . . . the more explicit styles than other models will be. Also, judging by the progression of models here and on other sites I'm a member of, I suspect it's not uncommon for the models to become more relaxed as they return for later shoots. Presumably more comfortable with the photographer, crew, the entire environment, and then seeing the end result published. We can only imagine how stressful for a model a shoot is, no matter how experienced she may be, no matter how experienced the crew.
sauzin over 3 years ago
Love the model, but also the setting and camera work here. The video really looks great.
rickmar1 over 3 years ago
Please tell me you are bringing her back. And please tell her NOT to do anything to "enhance" those near perfect tits. She got me hard just looking at them.
rhyull over 3 years ago
Looks like she has good potential when she finishes growing up.

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