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dsshop over 3 years ago
#77 is so HOT!
dugout100 over 3 years ago
Bailey gets better with every shoot; very comfortable now in front of the camera and really communicates with it. Best yet!!
coniow over 3 years ago
Bailey looks fantastic in profile with her hair up (for example pic 21), and from the front to either side, but I think a full square view of her face from the front does her no favors: With her hair down it is of no matter, but with it up and clear of her ears, they do attract the eye. (In 12 her right ear is noticeable, in 13, [just a few degrees further], it is not.) That said, there are some great pics here of a beautiful girl.
amantecono over 3 years ago
I gotta agree with dancan about her cute, next-door kind of appeal. I'll say she does initially have that nice, sweet next-door girl, kinda of beauty. In #51, she does have such a nice, sweet face and such a cute, alluring smile. And then, through the rest of the set when she starts playfully showing off her wonderful body and revealing her "charms", her nice, sweet next-door girl, kinda of beauty begins to give way to a woman that you can see is really comfortable with her body. And thankfully I'll say, just loves showing it off. Look into her beautiful hazel eyes in #'s 63-70, I love to see that kind of confidence in a woman's eyes. Her eyes become so alluring when she's spreading open. Ah, oh yes, she's so wonderfully open! She's in full bloom! I love to see that "feeling" in her eyes, when she wants to "give" and she just "knows" what kind of effect she's having! Ha, um, well maybe her video will be better.... (-;
rufusk over 3 years ago
Nice shoot all the way around!
dnorton2812 over 3 years ago
Wow. So nice.

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