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rickmar1 about 3 years ago
WOW! I can't add anything to the previous comments.
dderrby almost 4 years ago
Bailey is amazing. The close-up take my breath away. Very Hot.
amantecono over 4 years ago
The POV in the last 2 minutes is awesome! Just like "being there" at the edge of the bed looking up! One of the best videos ever! Thanks to the DD film crew! Bailey, when you blossom out like that, its amazing! Bailey, sweetheart, Thank you!
lash111 over 4 years ago
Fantastic. I had to watch a second time through, I did enjoy the eye contact and her facial expressions.
dancan38 over 4 years ago
Love that body in action !
dugout100 over 4 years ago
Worth the wait and the video far exceeds the stills. She communicates in an honest and sincere way with the camera and certainly is comfortable with her sexuality. I do hope there is more of Bailey to come; a special model!
coniow over 4 years ago
I really hope that Bailey stays in the industry (There was a note in a daily word saying she was going back home?). I watched all through from start to finish without once wanting to skip ahead or fast fwd. For me that is rare!
tink1974 over 4 years ago
She is so special and I can't get enough quite frankly!
rhyull over 4 years ago
Very nice looking girl. Her body comes across better in a video than in photos and she seems comfortable flirting with the camera.
tommy366 over 4 years ago
This didn't disappoint me at all --- a torrid video!

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