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somebae almost 4 years ago
wish the music was cut...but that's okay
monkeypaw almost 4 years ago
I first saw her at the FTVgirls site and I was amazed at what she could do with her fingers. I'd join most any site that has videos of her. She is amazingly stunning! When I say "More, please!" I really mean it! If I had a 'type' she'd be at the top of the list!!!
puma88 almost 4 years ago
coniow almost 4 years ago
@ Kelevra: I can see where you are coming from. Now Bailey set up with some pointed ears and the platted hair. . . Then the slow undressing out of the elf costume, slipping into a woodland stream. Hmm. Food for thought!
coniow almost 4 years ago
A beautiful girl, I love the attention Bailey pays to her breasts, tweaking those nipples :-) . Yes, a pity about the absence of her moans towards the end, but her expressions says it all. . . . .
shirune almost 4 years ago
Female lust very well caught on film. Congratulation. More of her and this work.
kelevra almost 4 years ago
She reminds me of Toriel in Bilbo The Hobbit Missing the pointy ears, but we gain the pointy tits :D
tommy366 almost 4 years ago
Sensational! I didn't need a soundtrack of her moaning; her face conveyed the pleasure she was experiencing, and my imagination supplied the sounds. Great work!
alpha1 almost 4 years ago
Bailey... Always a pleasure to watch!

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