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rickmar1 • over 1 year ago
I was completely captivated by her face. #25 was my favorite. Such a seductive shot. I would have liked to see more pictures of her beautiful ass. There really is a lot to like with this girl.
freeformzzz • over 2 years ago
one of the best sets on the site imho. stunningly beautiful model, superb photography, perfect setting + poses, very erotic.
ninobarlini • over 2 years ago
Exotic. Love her body. Absofuckinglutely enchanting eyes. Have to agree with jimmyseven about the shots of her wearing the bra (and panties). 28 through 42 are lit like and early morning with a light breeze blowing through the window. She is a vision of loveliness. Finding the image numbers ain't rocket surgery. Seven images in each row; just use you're multiplication tables. (The math you hated learning in school really does come in handy!) Or, if playing with your willy temporarily messes up your ability to figure it out in your head, just click on an image in the general vicinity and check its number. It's all pulchritude. Even if you're wrong you'll probably see something you'll like!
coniow • over 2 years ago
Love Bailey and love the set. Can't wait for the 'movie'! I also 'second' Big99tex with regard to numbering. If you are looking at a set with 100+ pics (where you can not see the top or bottom rows on screen), counting ROWS is b!***y difficult. All it needs is a number at the beginning of each row (IE 1, 8, 15 etc) if it is a problem numbering each slide. Thanking you for your kind consideration :-) . (Yes I know you can click on a slide to view it and get the number, but if the net is busy and so running slowly, it can take forever!)
tink1974 • over 2 years ago
I find her perfect in every way!

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