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dderrby over 3 years ago
Beautiful, very clean. Sweet pussy.
rickmar1 over 3 years ago
I usually prefer long hair but this style really works for her. I thought this was a great video. I don't understand why it didn't score better either. I would love to have there to lick those fingers for her.
doctordiesel over 4 years ago
Yup!! She definitely has the Carli Banks thing going on!
mickey over 4 years ago
Must agree with all comments thusfar, more esp. amantecono..... the thot of her in black see-thru lace and heels in bed would drive me over the edge, so to speak....... hope yall have something like that on the agenda????? o Lordeeeeeee...... that would be the ultimate........ Bailey almost has that Carli Banks initial impression from some of Carli's very first videos....... a sweet innocense (sp) that drives me bonkers..... yall gotta get her back (in lingerie/heels in bed and STAT)!!!!! Just sayin....... (ô¿~)!!!!!!!!
coniow over 4 years ago
This video and Bailey go right to the top end of my favorites list ! Plenty more Bailey is to be welcomed.

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