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aixx80 • almost 2 years ago
Ashley has a sweet babe mmmm Amazing ass
droolmasterb • about 2 years ago
Really not concerned about how much she is smiling because all my attention was focused upon her nearly perfect body, tits and ass!! Gotta see more more more of Ashley!
trinity1945 • about 2 years ago
Dancan is right -- Yummy! But also: 'A smile here & there...' On the one hand, Ashley reminds me of Jayme Langford, but without Jayme's wistful sweetness. On the other, I'm reminded of Margaret Thatcher's Iron Lady persona -- not actually glowering, but severe. The lighting accentuated the gloom (or maybe I'm going blind). Too bad: I'd give the set an "almost".
beachbum1 • about 2 years ago
#52 is perfect!!
dugout100 • about 2 years ago
Super! Another goddess to take her rightful place next to the other Ashleys: Rose & Brooks! Must be something magical int he name. This is as close to perfection as it gets! I'm overwhelmed!!
dancan38 • about 2 years ago
Ashley has a beautiful body ... What a sight !!! I believe there's no such thing as perfection but Ashley's definitely getting there...The-right-size breasts, a rare outline and figure, (also included is a nice set of much appreciated standing full views...yes yes yes to #31), slim in the waist and the top half, leaving out her scrumptious breasts, sliding down (or is it 'slipping down' ?) to that ecstatic rump : when facing you , it's alive and daring you, sleek and smooth, in full bloom ! (but the other side pained me with that unnecessary pin...) Then dividing into two long, mouth-watering thighs you want to get locked in-between ! Yummy, yummy, yummy.... Pity that, wanting so much to look professional, Ashley has forgotten to look HUMAN... A smile here and there wouldn't hurt...

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