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rickmar1 • over 2 years ago
How do you spell pure, raw, unadulterated sex? A-N-G-E-L D-A-R-K. WOW! This video and Angel are some of your finest work ever.
bta65dx • over 2 years ago
Breath-taking, her gypsy features are so head-turning. Amazing woman!
craigroberts115 • almost 4 years ago
This woman has breath taking beauty, amazingly sexy
dnm120 • almost 4 years ago
Not Hungarian -- close -- Slovakian. And as hot as it gets.
jasjasv • about 5 years ago
darlings01966 • about 5 years ago
One of the most enticing videos on the DD site! If only more of your models could put on such a convincing show. Angel is packaged to perfection, too--not just a great body, but wonderfully color-coordinated outfit and accessories as well! Much appreciated by these girls!
jjj9999 • over 5 years ago
njcelt • over 5 years ago
Nice finish!

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