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When Andie first interviewed with me I was elated with her emerald eyes and robust spirit. She speaks 3 languages fluently and plays 7 instuments but that's not all. After the clothes came off we realized her birthday suit was maybe her best asset of all. With amazing natural breasts, beautiful brown hair and one of the most rockin' booties we've ever seen on a white girl, Andie was a thoroughly refreshing young lady. We all enjoyed this day. -J. Stephen Hicks
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dancan38 said over 2 years ago
GROSS when it all comes out, laid out in a pile on both sides !!! Aesthetics are such a variable !!! I far prefer the pics of her beautiful rear view... and on this set, at least are unimpaired by the usual dropping knickers or hangin tops or stupid postures...#27 and 75 are exactly what I like !!! Soft spoken, sweet, appealing curves, they imply such feminity, skin-softness, skimming finger tips, long warm stroking palm of the hands... (sigh of contentment)
jjj9999 said over 2 years ago
darlings01966 said over 2 years ago
I love oysters and I sure love Andie, because her pussy reminds me so much of them! An amazingly sexy woman, whose curves are beyond compare. What a gift!