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rickmar1 • about 1 year ago
She is just totally adorable.
dancan38 • over 3 years ago
Oh me Oh my ! What a figure !!! Quel visage !!! What a beautiful pair of eyes, and all the other pairs too ! She's gorgeous, scrumptious, luscious, lustful and lovely and the rest... That smile, that backside, those freckles !!! And it's so pleasant to see short nails ! She deserves that winning smile, she can be pleased with herself, and proud not to have kept herself to herself ... Overall, she's so positive, smiling, plainly and simply, cheerful, as if so happy to have joined us ! Guys, just imagine opening your shutters one sunny sunday morning , and finding Amber as in pic 105 lying on your garden bench just outside the terrace... Can we tickle her PINK ? As for the photog, he must have been well rewarded, his photos are heart-felt, a few real bull's-eyes ! And BTW, total agreement with pt7090 about the down under pictorials AND the freckles...
lickrclit • over 3 years ago
There are two reasons I joined DD - Kimi Kato and Amber! They both have the perfect ass shape that I love.
sepu811 • over 3 years ago
What to say here DD? You always do the best job ever! This girl is outstanding, a perfect beauty, awesome smile, perfect natural breast, just to enjoy pussy and sexy feets. Amber is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Good amount of pics and really nice set! I would pay double price just to see every day sets like this. This is the way to go and thanks for the barefoot, I love it a lot inside the sets.
firefighter2 • over 3 years ago
Amber Is aweSYM A good set of pictures. I am glad I know her.
blazed420 • over 3 years ago
Amber is the reason why I joined DD. Amazing set, amazing woman!
coffeeconsumer • over 3 years ago
Not enough stars for this girl...
sexaddict • over 3 years ago
She is so sweet, girl-next-door looking, I'd almost feel guilty fucking her. Almost. Nice study of her perfect body.
pt7090 • over 3 years ago
IMO this is the best set DD has put this year! Amber is gorgeous as always. The portraits highlight her adorable freckles. You can see the smile in her eyes as well as her mouth. The cookie shots are tasteful not gynecological and finally a woman with a neatly trimmed bush!!! This is a top notch set of an incredible woman........ Thank you DD and thank you Amber.

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