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emmsea said over 1 year ago
In her audition pics, she looked pretty (under awkward conditions). But in her studio shoots, wow, what a stunner. I personally can't fault her. Thanks to Amber and the DD team. MC from OZ.
dsshop said almost 2 years ago
Amber is amazing! What a body! And beautiful feet in those sexy heels! #100 may just be the most beautiful picture on this site!
who8bat8 said almost 2 years ago
tylerdurden9490 said over 2 years ago
Man oh man, I hope you guys filled up a whole hard drive with pictures of Amber, and not just the two photo sets/videos that are currently available. She is an absolute treasure!
jjj9999 said over 2 years ago
skippy99 said over 2 years ago
One of the things I love about this site is the ability to see some of the girls transform from pretty young things to OMFG awesome. Now, a lot of these girls already have it going on when they get to you, but there is a formula that DDG has perfected that makes many of the girls in your sets far more beautiful than the term "Glam" can explain. It is that magic that keeps me coming back to this site.
sexaddict said over 2 years ago
Spectacular. I have a folder for selected downloads called "Dangerous Curves." This set was full of those kinds of images. What a body.
jakinator23 said almost 3 years ago
More, please........
pkostas said about 3 years ago
sarah25 said about 3 years ago
Really hot set! This girl is on fire!!
sepu811 said about 3 years ago
so hot!!!!!!
rogersager61 said about 3 years ago
tits4tat said about 3 years ago
Awesome! You guys hit it out of the park. A great St. Patty's Day present.
hapatrue said about 3 years ago
An exceptional set of tatas and love the vertical mustache.
georgia22 said about 3 years ago
Great set!